The ultimate fishing trip for the family! Just outside the backcountry there is a whole new world for shallow water fishing. In less than 20 feet of water, there are many patch reefs and wreck to drop a line. We catch many different species of grouper including Blacks, Gags, Reds, Goliaths. We also have many Snapper species available like Mangrove (Grey Snapper), Mutton, Yellowtail with a mixed catch of Cobia, Mackerel, Jacks and most types of Sharks. There are just too many species of fish that we catch to mention. This is a great experience for the whole family, from young to old. No matter what your experience level it is, it's rock solid fun. I'm very experienced with teaching children how to fish and it's something I enjoy very much. Unlike other guides, I allow you to keep up to the legal limit of your catch and clean them for you to take back to "The Oceans Edge Resort & Marina" or your favorite Keys restaurant to have cooked. I have found that this is the most satisfying way for the hole family to fish. Everyone comes out a winner. Nothing but tight lines and quality fish!