The almighty “Silver King”.  What an awesome display of power.  Sought after by anglers from all over the world for their high flying jumps to their long runs screaming drag, the tarpon will never cease to amaze you.  Either spin fishing or fly casting, these fish are a winner.  “Come test your endurance!”  read more….

The Florida Keys are considered the ultimate Key West tarpon fishing destination for fishing the Silver King.  You can find them here throughout the year from 5 pounds to upwards of 200 pounds.  There are many methods to catch tarpon and at different times of the year they are here in abundance.  Water temperature and weather patterns play a big roll in your success of catching them, although during the peak months, that is rarely an issue. Whether you are a novice fisherman or a seasoned angler, these fish will always challenge you with an exciting fight. 

Key West Tarpon Fishing

The migrating tarpon move through the warm waters of the keys to deeper water offshore to spawn.  Our migratory fish average about 70 pounds and can exceed well over 100 pounds.  The migration of tarpon starts in late February and ends in July.  The peak months for Key West Fishing are April, May, and June.  Full moons during May, June, and July are peak times for spawning.  The actual act of Tarpon spawning has not yet been observed.  Scientists are still learning more and more about this prehistoric fish every day.  The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust has been working hard to restore the natural habitats for the juvenile tarpon.  This will help ensure that their population stays strong and plentiful for years to come. 

We also have what is known as “Resident Tarpon”.  They are found here in the Florida Keys year round.  Most of these resident Key West tarpon are juvenile tarpon which are known as baby tarpon.  You will find them on the flats and around the mangrove islands, as well as some channels.  These local baby tarpon run from 5 pounds to approximately 40 pounds and are just as much fun to catch.  August through October is the prime time to catch baby tarpon.

Spin fishing or Fly fishing

Spin fishing or fly casting for tarpon, the choice is yours.  When spin fishing we will be using live bait, soft plastics, or top water plugs.  All methods can be productive.  We fish channels, harbors, bridges, mangrove islands, and the flats.  Fly fishing for tarpon is the ultimate battle.  During the migration the tarpon cruise up and down the ocean side of the Florida Keys in large numbers.  This gives a fly caster a lot of opportunities at a hook up.  Practice is still important.  There are windy days and you have to make the shot to get the fish to eat.  Fighting a tarpon on fly can be very rewarding.  If we are fishing the flats or the backcountry, we will target the laid up or cruising tarpon.  I tie my own flies using patterns that work in our area.  We spin fish with crabs or shrimp in shallow water if we aren’t fly casting.

Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing

The Florida Keys are the perfect choice any time of year for tarpon fishing.  No matter what your skill level is as an angler, from a novice to an expert, you don’t want to miss out on a chance at the Silver King.